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Quelltex specialise in aviation and maritime security training and consultancy services. Our training work is the mainstay of our business and this is driven by personal commitment to making security better at defeating terrorists.  At Quelltex we strive to achieve the very highest standards in everything we do and we believe this shouldn't be a reason to charge more. To us it's simple, achieveing the very best is how it should be. We want to make a difference and we believe it shows in our work. We maintain excellent long-term client relationships by exceeding expectations and delivering first class training and service as standard.

What Makes Us Different?

Quelltex is focused on quality: We love our work and we strive to constantly improve our product. Reinvesting is one of the factors that distinguishes us. We put a great deal of effort and expense into ensuring our training aids are up to date and genuinely helpful to our students. We take the same approach with our equipment, running our presentations using high quality equipment. We think this is important in areas such as training x-ray interpretation, where a clear, bright and sharp image may make the all the difference between a student learning something or not. Of course technology doesn't hold all the answers and we are not afraid to shut down computers and present some subjects with just the trainer and hands on training aids. We frequently assess our syllabi to determine if there are places where we can change delivery medium to sustain student involvement. We think that makes us different.

General Security Awareness Training

Quelltex Ltd provides Online Training including General Security Awareness Training courses (GSAT Training) designed for all non-security personnel working airside, providing a basic understanding of aviation security procedures, enabling staff to have an understanding of how to identify and deal with potentially dangerous situations. The course covers:

  • The Threat to Civil Aviation
  • The Organisation of Aviation Security
  • Security Systems, Passes Design and Control of Security Restricted Areas
  • Handling of Threat Warnings


Quelltex GSAT Training courses have been designed to meet the UK DfT and EC requirement for all personnel with access to Critical Parts of Security Restricted Areas, to receive basic training in general security awareness.

Once you sign up to a Quelltex GSAT online course, you will receive a unique username and password that enables you to log-in to your own online training modules. You will have access to the Quelltex course material for 30 days and during this time you can exit and rejoin your course at any time or stage of the modules. Whenever you log-in you may pick up the course from where you left off.

On successful completion of the course, delegates can download their own certificate as a PDF, save it, print it, or login again later to retrieve it.

Please note that airport pass offices can set their own requirements regarding the validity of GSAT certificates.  Some airports may choose not to issue a pass if the GSAT certificate you present  doesn't have very recent date.  If you are transferring a certificate you have used elsewhere, it is worth checking that the next pass office will accept it if there is less than 5 years to it's expiry.

For further information regarding GSAT please click here to contact us